Peckham Street Symphony No.1

Posted on 16 Dec 2015

Instead of staging the usual studio pictures of Peckham Soul T's, we thought it might be far more interesting to caputure images against the vibrabcy of SE15 human activity. Starting at the top of Peckham Rye and moving towards Peckham High street, the images in many ways shows a shifting social ecology which is reshaping both the physical space of Peckham and it's cultural composition. We'd like to give a massive shout to the warm welcome and help given by Peckham trader's. Also big thanks to photographer Anna Urik who captured this street symphony - a rising talent and definetley one to watch.

With thanks and graditude to : Aya (Holdron's Arcade, Peckham Rye), Afro Food Centre (Peckham Rye), Divine Destiny (Blenheim Grove), Canavan's Peckham Pool Hall (Peckham Rye), Rosie's Deli (Peckham Rye), Peckham's Fresh Fish & Sea Food (Peckham Rye), Peckham Rye's Fruit & Veg Traders, Merry Beauty (Peckham Rye), Danny's Cafe (Peckham Rye Station), Jenny's (Peckham Rye Station), Rye Lane Gent's Barbers (Rye Lane Indoor Market), Rye Wax (Bussey Building), Salas (Rye Lane), Smile Communications (Rye Lane Indoor Market), Steamers (Peckham Rye Station) and YAM Records (Holdron's Arcade).   


By Chris Glen on

Love it!

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