Peckham Street Symphony No.2

Posted on 2 Aug 2016
  • Rye Lane S15
  • Victoria Inn, Choumert Rd SE15
  • Divine Destiny, Blenheim Close SE15
  • The Montpellier, Choumert Rd SE15
  • Rye Lane, SE15
  • The Gowlett, Gowlett Road SE15
  • Rye Lane, SE15
  • Rye Wax, Rye Lane SE15
  • Rye Lane SE15
  • Rye Lane SE15
  • Bias, Bellenden Road SE15
  • Wilson Cycle's, Peckahm High Street SE15
  • Rye Lane SE15
  • Steamers, Rye Lane SE15
  • Jennys, Rye Lane SE15
  • Cinnamon Tree Bakery, Peckham High Street SE15
  • Cut Throat Barbers, Choumert Rd SE15
  • John the Unicron, Rye Lane SE15
  • The Nines, Copeland Rd, London SE15
  • Salas, Rye Lane SE15
  • Small White Elephant, Choumert Road, SE15
  • Yam Records, Holdren Arcade, Rye Lane SE15

Taken by Jess Frankland in Peckham's dappled July sunshine, a series of photo's capturing the people, the energy and warmth of SE15. Many thanks to the everybody who gave up their time to help, including Cinnamon Tree Bakery & Cafe, Jenny's, Steamers, Wilson's Cycles, Bias, Rye Wax, The Gowlett, The Montpelliers, Divine Destiny, The Victoria Inn, John the Unicron, Salas, YAM Records, The Nines and Cut Throat Barbers.

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