Jazz #2

The second of our Jazz mixes, reflecting it's creative depth and contemporary currents.

There's Jazz funk crusaders of conciousness such as Gil Scot Heron and Weldon Irvine, pioneers Yuseef Latif and Ahmad Jamal, and equally significant, contemporary voices Matthew Hasall, Jeff Parker, Comet is Coming, Spaza, Alabaster dePlume and Sons of Kemet which, by bringing elements of Hip Hop, Low-FI, Electronica and Rave into Jazz, are expanding its ever richer grammar.

Ahmad Jamal  Patterns
Matthew Halsall  Freedom Song
Jeff Parker  Build A Nest (Ft. Ruby Parker)
Comet Is Coming  Birth of Creation
Spaza  Ice Squincies : Waiting for You
Sons of Kemet  Going Home
Alice Coltrane (Ft. Pharoah Saunders)  Bombay Stopover
Nina Simone  Be My Husband
Yuseef Latif  Psychicemotus
Alabaster dePlume  Song of the Foundling
Gil Scot Heron Lady Day and John Coltrane
Weldon Irvine  I Love You

P.S Many thanks to Julian 'Jazz' Barrat - where's those Electro pounces now?