Now Jazz Ramwong

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The opener is a dance number from Thailand (where King Bumiphol turned out to be a jazz nutter); the closer pacifically reworks a thirteenth-century German folk song (also revived by Hindemith, and then Roland Kirk, thinking it stopped with Hindemith), originating in the war against the Mongols. The Malaysian tune Burungkaka evinces Albert’s passion for ornithology; the famous Japanese ‘cherry blossom song’ turns up as a soul-jazz waltz; the ‘three moods’ are jazz conjurations of raga, following Ravi Shankar’s arrangement of Bengali folk melodies for the soundtrack to Satyajit Ray’s great film Pather Panchali.
The musicianship is tip-top; the mighty trombonist joined by saxophonists Gunther Kronberg and Heinz Sauer, bassist Gunter Lenz and drummer Ralf Hubner.

Now Jazz Ramwong
Sakura Waltz
Blue Fanfare
Three Jazz Moods
Theme From Vietnam
Es Sungen Drei Engel