Live At The Regal

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From the very earliest time in his career, BB King’s shows were wonderful. As the years rolled on they became the complete experience, honed and perfected, to maximise the pleasure, as live albums such as Live At The Regal and Live In Cook Country Jail prove.

BB’s showmanship rapidly blossomed from his first faltering steps in the very early 50s, gigging places around his home state of Mississippi. By mid-1955 he began playing afield – gigs like the Pleasure Pier at Galveston in Texas. A string of singles through the 1950s made the Billboard R&B charts, a trend that continued through into the 1960s.

His stage show was obviously based upon his fabulous guitar playing and his way with a song but it was also his development as a raconteur and his quick wit that made him so popular. Blues songs tell a story, but unlike many pop songs they do it with feeling and BB had feeling by the bucket-load. BB went from Memphis’ “Beale Street Blues Boy” to global blues legend because he gave his all in performance, consistently, every time.

Every Day I Have The Blues
Sweet Little Angel
It's My Own Fault
How Blue Can You Get
Please Love Me
You Upset Me Baby
Worry, Worry
Woke Up This Mornin'
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
Help The Poor