Bossa Nova


Sete wrote or co-wrote most of the dozen tunes, making room for a couple of Antonio Carlos Jobim co-writes. It's a good showcase for Sete's jazz bossa nova playing at its best. Comprising a mixture of bossa nova and American jazz in arrangement, the jazz elements are appropriately muted, adding rhythm and punch without getting in the way of Sete's soloing.

Up The Creek (To De Sinuca)
My Different World (Meu Mundo Diferente)
Dilemma (Dilema)
Sweet Thing (Piteuzinho)
If You Return ( Se Acaso Voçe Chegasse)
Samba In The Perrotquei
Manha de Carnaval
Brazilian Bossa Galore (Muita Bossa Brazileira)
You're The Reason (Por Causa de Voçe)
Wagging Along (Gingadinho)
Without You ( Sem Voçe)