Bonnie and Clyde

537 188-0

Released in 1968, this album by Gainsbourg and his then muse Brigitte Bardot, is a fascinating and engaging document of late 1960's music. Using groundbreaking tape loops on tracks such as 'Bonnie and Clyde,' innovative orchestration on 'Intoxicated Man,' and playing with pop-art concepts on tracks such as 'Bubble Gum,' it is an album with layers of significance and interest. A must have for all fans of 60's psych and pop. 

Bonnie And Clyde
Bubble Gum
Comic Strip
Un Jour Comme Un Autre
Pauvre Lola
Du Film "L'eau À La Bouche"
La Javanaise
La Madrague
Intoxicated Man
Everybody Loves My Baby
Docteur Jekyll And Mister Hyde