The Stargate Tapes

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Emerald Web was a Space Music band that recorded, composed film scores for Carl Sagan, and performed in concert halls and Planetariums, around the US, from 1978-1990. They were known for innovative synthesizer orchestration and created a unique blend of 'electronic space music' and acoustic instruments. The band consisted of Kat Epple and Bob Stohl who composed on keyboards, digital orchestrations, flutes, and Lyricon. This compilation album comprises early tracks from Emerald Web's debut vinyl release and the following four rare cassette only albums on Stargate Records from 1979-1982 before the band recorded their bestselling (and Grammy nominated) albums for labels affiliated with Germany's Kuckuck and Larry Fast before Bob Stohl's sad and untimely death in 1989


The Dragons Gate
Ars Nova
Flight Of The Raven
Voices Of The Stage
Doppler Bells 1
Valley Of The Birds
Reflecting Pool