Champagne Holocaust

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“Rock & roll with the blood slowed to a dark sweetness and just like how it began, with Little Richard, Roy, Jerry Lee - psychotic, monstrous, doomed” - The Quietus 

"Champagne Holocaust is an assault of warped fantasies, weirdo blues, guttural garage and drug-addled deviance" - The Fly 

"A sleaze infested groove machine banging out taut, sex-electrified jams... Buy it!" – Vice 

"Brilliant macabre lullaby- sung over a shonky casio metronome, full of nasty asides about druggy co-dependence" - Drowned In Sound

Auto Neutron
Is It Raining In Your Mouth?
Who Shot Lee Oswald?
With Out Consent
Special Ape!
Cream Of The Young
Wild American Prairie
Heaven On Earth
Bomb Disneyland
Garden Of The Numb