Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) / Sweeter As The Days Go By

Outta Sight

The story of this Northen Soul classic is legend. Texan soul man, Frank Wilson cut the demo whilst working as an arranger at Motown. Bery Gordy felt uncomfortabe about giving Wilson the Motown star 'treatment' and push, so the track was given to another Motown star Chris Connor and cut as an album track.  All Wilson demos, barr 3, were subsequety destoryed.

These last copies eventually ended up in the hands of a couple of dealers and collectors where the 45 was played as a cover-up, most notably at Wigan Casino. The drama escalated when Scottish DJ and collector Kenny Burrell paid a staggering £50,000 for one of the known copies, making it at the time the most expensive vinyl ever sold.

Fortunately we good people at Peckham Soul bring you this beautifully mastered 45 at a very modest price, for what is consider the finest ever Northen Soul song.