O Poeta Do Povo


“Joao do Vale was a very important singer and composer noted for introducing the popular art of North East of Brazil to the mass medium-classed people of major Brazilian cities. João do Vale is a singular poet. His lyrics, which transmit his profound understanding of the sertaneja (inlander) soul, are full of a very personal notion of rhythm. The strength of his work can be appraised if we consider that he is one of the three great figures of Northwestern popular music (the others being Luís Gonzaga and Jackson do Pandeiro) even having recorded only two individual albums. His first LP, ‘O Poeta do Povo’, released just after show Opinião, where Joao sings his compositions. Joao do Vale has recorded only three LPs on his entire career.”

A Voz Do Povo
Pra Mim, Nao
Peba Na Pimenta
Minha Historia
A Lavadeira E O Lavrador
Pisa Na Fulo
O Jangadeiro
Fogo No Parana
O Bom Filho A Casa Torna
Sina De Caboclo