Inner Thought Zone

1972 ‎

Deebank played with Felt on their crucial early albums, appearing on the likes of Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty and The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories. Much of those records’ otherworldly charm was a result of Deebank’s limpid, intricate guitar work, comparable in scope and flair to Vini Reilly’s work with The Durutti Column.

Inner Thought Zone, released in 1984 on Felt stable Cherry Red, is Deebank’s first and only solo release. The six-track instrumental collection offers the thrilling sound of a band member sprinting after his muse. Deebank’s playing – all acciaccaturas and tangled arpeggios – is classical without being austere; aided by synth washes and subtle bass work from David Elson, the result is an oneiric and instantly accessible collection of 1980s psych, and one throughly deserving of its cult classic status. Following the release of Inner Thought Zone, Deebank handed in his Felt notice, leaving the group after the sessions for 1985’s Ignite The Seven Cannons. 

The Watery Song
Four Corners Of The Earth
Study No. 1
Silver Fountain Of Paradise Square
Dance Of Deliverance
Maestoso Con Anima