La Prima Linea

Silva Screen

Max Richter has the chops to soundtrack any film you can throw at him, and this 70’s Italian terrorism drama is no exception, even if that setting might seem quite far from usual Richter territory. That stately style brings out the melancholy strains of the story, and the melodies will live on in the mind long after the film has faded from the screen.

Extremley limited edition with only 1000 pressed on coloured vinyl. NO.0553.



The Falling Orchestra
Falling Shadow (1)
Alone Together (1)
Dream Tempo (1)
Brightness Morning
Requies (Spaces)
Requies (Solo)
Dream Tempo (2)
Dark Pulse
Falling Shadow (2)
Alone Together (2)
Dream Tempo (3)
Memory Pulse
Falling Shadow (3)
Requies (Epilogue)
Alone Together (3)