100% Yes


Formed in 2012 by sax innovator Pete Wareham and fronted by vocalist Kush Gaya, Melt Yourself Down are set to release their most vital music yet. Working with production legends Youth and Ben Hillier, the band have reimagined themselves and created a bruising re-up of their signature sound with added synths, anthems and epic joyrides for their third studio album, 100% YES.

After a few years out to perfect their jaw-dropping new album 100% YES, Melt Yourself Down are back.

They took their sweet time crafting this new sound and it was worth it - MYD2019 is the band at their finest.

Shipping for July 3rd 

Boot And Spleen
This Is The Squeeze
Born In The Manor
Every Single Day
It Is What It Is
From The Mouth
Don’t Think Twice
Chop Chop
100% Yes