Last Evenings On Earth

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BAY 101V

Their second studio album, Last Evenings On Earth, is a dizzying, continent-hopping voyage, darker and heavier than its predecessor. “The need to dance is still there but now I’m feeling inspired by the idea of the city as a prism through which all kinds of global influences pass,” says Pete. “Translation, immigration, overcoming obstacles - and most of all, human unity.”

Frontman Kushal Gaya has been moved to be more direct in his writing. Where his delivery once leaned heavily on his native Mauritian/French Creole, he has made a conscious decision to impart his fevered message in English this time around. Losing several loved ones in the space of a year has lent a greater sense of urgency. “The lyrics can be about eagerness to do something even if everything is running against you,” he explains. “There’s lot of friction in what we do.”

Dot To Dot
The God Of You
Listen Out
Jump The Fire
Bharat Mata
Big Children (Gran Zanfan)
Body Parts
Yazzan Dayra