I Am Black Beauty

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“I am black beauty… love me!” A forthright enough request, one would think, from an artist whose music was indeed loved, revered and which played a hugely influential and omnipresent role in Lahore’s vibrant cinematic patchwork that covered the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, until now, it seems that this lost love letter to a potential global audience of millions of sonic suitors has been caught up in the pesky Pakistani postal system. Not now as we bring these hidden treasure to yo.


Badami Nainon Wale
Naughty Boy
Aisi Chalo Na Chaal Ke Dil Mera
I Am Black Beauty
Karye Pyar
Yeh Aaj Mujhko Kya Huwa
Good News For You
Some Say I Am Sweety
What Can I Do?
Sheeshe Ki Botal