Doin' The Hully Gully

Cornbread Records

Cornbread Records present a reissue of The Olympics's debut album, Doin' The Hully Gully, originally released in 1960. Los Angeles high school buddies, The Olympics, first hit it big in 1958 with the classic single, "Western Movies". Soon after that they started a dance craze with "(Baby) Hully Gully", the inspiration for the title of their debut LP. "Big Boy Pete" was also a big single and a huge influence on the Pacific-Northwest garage rock group, The Kingsmen.

Baby Hully Gully
Big Boy Pete
Stay Away From Joe
The Slop
Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha
Hoochie Coochie Coo
What'd I Say
Boo-Dee Green
Private Eye
Dodge City
The Stomp
Pony Time
Party Pooper