Agora É Moda / Supermercado (Supermarket)

Mr. Bongo

'Agora e Moda' is a psychedelic, disco-boogie-groove monster, brought to our attention by Greg Caz and Sean Marquand aka Brazilian Beats Brooklyn. Originally released on her Babilônia LP on Som Livre in 1978.

Rita Lee was lead singer of Os Mutantes and a hugely important figure in the Tropicalia movement. She remains one of the biggest personalities in Brazil, much loved both in and out of the music world.

Perhaps not the most well known artist internationally, but within Brazil she is as well known as, if not more so, the likes and of Ben and Simonal.

‘Supermarket’ is a Rare Groove/AOR masterpiece; killer baseline, drums and heavily string laden with a perfectly delivered English vocal!

A lovely oddity. Pete Dunaway, real name Otavio Cardosa was a singer, composer, arranger and multi instrumentalist from Sao Paulo, who spent the majority of his time composing for TV themes and library instrumentals.

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Agora É Moda
Pete Dunaway - Supermercado (Supermarket)