Scott 4


We dear reader, can only apologize for not having this as our first ever listed LP. Scott 4 was, remains and will forever be one of the most compelling works of music ever committed to vinyl.

Released in 1969, this was the first to have a complete track-listing of self-penned songs. Its highlights are profound and manifold, from it’s opening Ingmar Bergam inspired ‘Seventh Seal,’ through to lacerating comment on Stalinist dictatorships in ‘The Old Man’s Back Again’ to the defiance of ‘Get Behind Me,’ the album pulsates with musical innovation and rich lyrical ideas.

Did we say this was a must have LP?

The Seventh Seal
On Your Own Again
The World's Strongest Man
Angels Of Ashes
Boy Child
Hero Of The War
The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime)
Get Behind Me
Rhymes Of Goodbye