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Originally released in 1963, Confidentiel is Serge Gainsbourg's fifth solo album and one of his finest and most intimate recordings. Featuring only vocals, guitar, and bass, with all original compositions from Gainsbourg, Confidentiel lets Serge's voice take center stage, and his sultry delivery does not disappoint. Full of jazzy strummed chords and beautiful walking standup bass lines, this is a perfect place to start with France's biggest pop star of the 20th century.

Chez Les Yé-Yé
Sait-On Jamais Où Va Une Femme Quand Elle Vous Quitte
Le Talkie-Walkie
La Fille Au Rasoir
La Saison Des Pluies
Elaeudanla Téïtéïa
Scenic Railway
Le Temps Des Yoyos
Amour Sans Amour
No No Thank's No
Negative Blues