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Released in 1962, Serge Gainsbourg N° 4 is his fourth studio album and his last to explore his original style of chanson and jazz, albeit augmented by the influences of Latino and rock and roll. This really is an engaged and fascinating journey into an artist that’s both innovating in his original style but also forging new musical paths. Beautifully housed in it’s original French Phillips artwork and including seminal Serge tracks such as ‘Intoxicated Man.’

Les Goémons
Black Trombone
Intoxicated Man
Quand Tu T'y Mets
Les Cigarillos
Requiem Pour Un Twister
Ce Grand Méchant Vous
Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçon
L'Appareil A Sous
La Javanaise
Un Violon, Un Jambon
Comment Trouvez-Vous Ma Sœur ?
Erotico-Tico (Instrumental)
No Love For Daddy (Instrumental)
Rocking Horse (Instrumental)
Marshmallow Man (Instrumental)