The Groop Played "Space Age Batchelor Pad Music"

Too Pure

The Groop Played Space Age Batchelor Pad Music is an 8-track mini album, released in 1993. The Album is an odd and hypnotic mini-album. It shows their twin influences, Neu-style trance-rock and easy-listening pop. It sounds smooth and assured, with the charm and confidence of a group well aware they've hit on the kind of good idea that'll last them for years.


Avant Garde M.O.R.
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Mellow)
The Groop Play Chord X
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Foamy)
Ronco Symphony
We're Not Adult Orientated
U.H.F. - M.F.P.
We're Not Adult Orientated (Neu Wave Live)