Black Solidarity Presents Dance Inna Delamere Avenue

Black Solidarity ‎

Sixteen tracks, thirteen on the vinyl,  sourced from the Black Solidarity label operated by Ossie Thomas during the early eighties.  Includes such early dancehall / roots gems as Triston Palma's Bad Minded, Robert Ffrench's Rebel Girl, 3T 1F's Coche and Tony Chin's Gunfire.

U Roy - Get Ready
Linval Thompson - Bubble Up
Tristan Palmer - Bad Minded
Robert Ffrench - Rebel Girl
3T 1F - Coche
Little Kirk - Bad Boy Fi Dem (Disco Mix)
Al Campbell - Let Them Prosper
Early B - Funny Tricks
Jolly Stewart - Cool Youth
Lover Boy - Gwaan Go Dance
Phillip Frazer - The Siren
Sassafras - Dance Inna Braeton
Sammy Dread - Each One Teach One