The Time For Peace Is Now (Gospel Music About Us)

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The Time For Peace Is Now provides a snapshot of a unique scene: a funky, secular strain of gospel that sprung up at the end of the music’s first golden age (post-WWII to the death of Martin Luther King Jr.) and in the wake of the commercial and cultural impact of The Staple Singers. The songs and singers on this collection are influenced by a heady mix of The Mighty Clouds Of Joy and Sly and the Family Stone, and released on small vanity labels with names like Lovie D, Du-Vern, Sen-oj, and Arc-Bel-Kno. While they struggled to get the attention of major labels, the artists — The Triumphs, The Gospel I.Q.’s, The Floyd Family Singers and many more — thrived on the gospel live circuit, and some are still performing to this day.

The Little Shadows - Time For Peace
Rev. Harvey Gates - It's Hard To Live In This Old World
The Floyd Family Singers - That's A Sign Of The Times
Willie Scott & The Birmingham Spirituals - Keep Your Faith To The Sky
James Bynum - We Are In Need
The Religious Souls - Condition The World Is In
The Triumphs - We Don't Love Enough
The Gospel I.Q.'s - Peace In The Land
Staples Jr. Singers - We Got A Race To Run
The Soul Stirrers - I'm Trying To Be Your Friend
Willie Dale - Let Your Light Shine
Rev. Harvey Gates - The Price Of Love
The Mighty Reverlaires - Sunshine After Every Rain
The William Singers - Don't Give Up