Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht

Numero Group

How Numero Group can consistently unearth so many gems from the vast land of America we’ll never know, but we are very very glad that they do. On their latest comp they assemble a collection of outsider rock, failed pop gems and Balearic tinged boogie. Perfect stuff for the summer! The comp opens with ‘Wrap Myself Up In Your Love’, a song so good you’ll probably hit repeat before moving on to the A2. Closing on disco DJ favourite ‘Back To The Streets’ by Rudy Norman, these guys really know how to select the winners. Thankfully the rest of the comp is as solid and varied.

Jim Spencer - Wrap Myself Up In Your Love
Michael Miglio - Never Gonna Let You Go
Ned Doheny - Before I Thrill Again (demo)
Johnny Gamboa - That Good Old Feeling Back Again
Solenoid - Acquaintances (Promo Version)
Steps - Your Burning Love
Jeff Harrington - Kristi
Paul Skyland - Give Me Your Love
Rob Galbraith - Tell Me With Your Eyes (Just Be You)
Calvin Johnson - Dance Of Love
Salty Miller - One More Time
Canyon - Country Lovin'
A.J. Loria - Please Analyze
Gary Marks - Sailing
Country Comfort - To Be Lonely
Madness - Madam Operator
Chuck Senrick - Don't Be So Nice
Breathers - Don't It Make You Feel
Damon Danielson - How Long Has It Been
Rudy Norman - Back To The Streets