Sunny Side Up

Brownswood Recordings

A heavy new compilation from Brownswood shines a light on the independent underground in Melbourne, where a close-knit collection of artists have taken cues from soul, jazz and club culture to carve out a fresh Melbournian sound. Featuring nine different groups, many of them sharing members and studios, the record surveys the musical contours of this bubbling scene, nodding to house, broken beat, samba, p-funk and soul.

Phil Stroud - Banksia
Dufresne - Pick Up / Galaxy
Kuzich - There Is No Time
Audrey Powne - Bleeding Hearts
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Powers To (The People)
Laneous - Nice To See You
Silentjay - Eternal / Internal Peace
Horatio Luna - The Wake-Up
Allysha Joy - Orbit