Psychedelic Scene

Decca ‎
772 467-8

The Psychedelic Scene brings together 25 remarkable tracks, virtually all of them much sought after on original Decca / Deram 45. Save yourself £££s and buy this loving compiled 2LP set in heavyweight 180 Gram vinyl. Contains 4-sided information sheet, replicating original album CD package notes. The Psychedelic Scene highlights the early buds of the U.K scene’s immersion in Psychedelia and includes nuggets from artists including The End, The Attack, Small Faces, The Moody Blues and World Of Oz.

Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner
The End - Shades Of Orange
The Accent - Red Sky At Night
Curiosity Shoppe - Baby I Need You
The Syn - 14 Hour Technicolour Dream
The Poets - In Your Tower
The Attack - Colour Of My Mind
Small Faces That Man
The Fairytale Guess - I Was Dreaming
Turquoise - Woodstock
Al Stewart - Turn Into Earth
Virgin Sleep - Secret
Felius Andromeda - Meditations
Human Instinct - A Day In My Minds Mind
The Ice - Ice Man
The Moody Blues - Love & Beauty
23rd Turnoff - Michaelangelo
The Societie - Bird Has Flown
World Of Oz - Like A Tear
Garden Odyssey Enterprise - Sad & Lonely
Keith Shields - Deep Inside Your Mind
Timebox - Gone Is The Sad Man
The Plague - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Andy Forray - Dream With Me
Warm Sounds - Nite Is A Comin'