Steve Lamacq ‎– Lost Alternatives


Most alternative music lived underground. It made a lot of noise, but no-one in the mainstream could hear it…. The nineties would see it go so much further than many of us expected. It wasn’t just the popularity of alternative music which would change; the music was constantly reinventing itself too, sucking in influences from different genres and different eras.

And that brings us to this compilation…Create a compilation which tries to dig a little deeper; which attempts to give another side of the nineties, which wasn’t Cool Britannia, Laddism, and Blur Vs Oasis. What’s here represents, at least one version, of the evolution of guitar music through the nineties, as told, not by the big hits, but by the limited edition singles, The Evening Session cult favourites and the bands who maybe never made it, but in some cases never wanted to anyway. “ Steve Lamacq – extract from sleeve notes.

Acclaimed BBC 6 Music radio DJ and former NME journalist, Steve Lamacq celebrates 25 years of broadcasting at the BBC with the release of this unique 4CD compilation. 71 curated tracks from the 1990s by the UK’s leading Indie tastemaker. This compilation includes music not found on any streaming service.

Ride - Chelsea Girl
The Charlatans - Indian Rope
Northside - Shall We Take A Trip?
Senseless Things - Is It Too Late?
Silverfish - Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal
Slowdive - Catch The Breeze
Voodoo Queens - Supermodel Superficial
Cornershop - Waterlogged
S*M*A*S*H - Real Surreal
These Animal Men - Speed King
Blessed Ethel - Rat
Elastica - Stutter
China Drum - Wuthering Heights
Ash - Uncle Pat
60ft Dolls - Happy Shopper
Tiger - Race
Perfume - Lover
Rialto - Morning Morning 5:19
Mansun - Take It Easy Chicken
Scarfo - Alkaline
Bis - School Disco
Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend
Mogwai - New Paths To Helicon Part 1
Clinic - I.P.C. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth
Cable - Freeze The Atlantic
3 Colours Red - This Is My Hollywood
The Hitchers - Strachan