There's A Party Goin' On

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Wanda Jackson tore up the rulebook. She tried to sign to Capitol Records but they didn’t want to know. Girls didn’t sing rockabilly – and anyway, they told her, records made by lay-deez didn’t sell. Why, she wasn’t even a cowgirl. Even though Jackson was from Okie, she didn’t sing country. Her pappy was a struggling musician, not a guy who flogged his guts out on a ranch. When she did finally persuade Capitol to give her a contract, in 1956, she rejected any idea that she was gonna sing ballads. Wanda demanded that her records sound like a labelmate’s – and she didn’t mean Keely Smith or The Andrews Sisters. She meant Gene Vincent, the rawest rocker of the era. There was a woman with cojones. She already had her sights on the Queen Of Rockabilly title, and would grasp it with her second album, There’s A Party Goin’ On.

There's A Party Goin' On
Lonely Week-Ends
Kansas City
Bye Bye Baby
Hard Headed Woman
Tongue Tied
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Tweedlee Dee
Sparkling Brown Eyes
Lost Week-End
Man We Had A Party